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USSF Registration Window for 2016 is now OPEN!

*** REGISTER NOW FOR 2016 ***

Login to your Iowa RefLink Account using the window to the right and then click on "My Registration" under Menu.

PLEASE NOTE: This year the Registration Window in Iowa will only be open from August 1 until November 1.

Register and pay your annual fees now to ensure that you receive your 2016 Law Book and Badge in a timely manner and to avoid late fees. Read How to Re-register for complete instructions on how to register with US Soccer. If you have any questions, e-Mail the State Referee Registrar (SRR), Jim Albertson, at

Requesting Assessments


When requesting an assessment, be sure to allow 14 days from scheduled match. For upgrades, please note the following:

Grade 7 referees now are recorded in 2 tiers, the tiers are 7A - Competitive Level and 7B - Recreational Level.

To be considered in Grade 7A - Competitive Level, the referee must complete ALL requirements of the updated Grading System. Any requests for upgrading to Grade 7A without completion of the entire requirements will automatically become Grade 7B - Recreational referees.

(A) Be sure to have satisfied Time in Grade and have an acceptable number of rateable matches completed at the required level.

(B) Be sure to have had at least 1 Maintenance or Developmental Assessment performed by an approved assessor during the previous 6 months.

(C) Be sure to have completed the required Written Test and Fitness Test during the approved time frame.  

(D) Allow good prior notice to your Assignors so that they can assign you to  acceptable matches for the grade you are working towards.

State Director of Assessment (SDA)
Shane Smith


Click on PLAYLIST in the upper left portion of the video below to scroll through dozens of instructional video clips: